Bitcoin payment no longer available due to bitmit closing. I will work on a new bitcoin payment option soon.

AnonoBox is my new product for the plug and play crowd. I think there are many individuals out there who don't have the time to invest in either properly installing the Tor network, or learning how to use a new operating system e.g. AnonymOS. So I set about to build a commercial wifi router/hotspot Tor Box. Anonobox is the end result of that effort.

Quick overview:
  • Use your existing operating system, no need to switch!
  • Plug and play.
  • All your wifi enabled devices can use it simultaneously! Your entire home is now AnonymOS.
  • AnonoBox is built on the Mele 1000 videoplayer platform, so when not in use as an AnonymOS wifi router/hotspot, Anonobox may be used/disguised as an Android home movie theater.
  • Anonobox comes pre-configured for optimal anonymity - everything goes through Privoxy and then the Tor network (DNS is also routed through Tor - no leakage).
  • For added security and peace of mind, all Anonymity software is on a microSD card that you can easily remove and hide or take with you, leaving no traces for the bad guys to find. If you ever lose the microSD card, replacements are only a few dollars -coming soon.
AnonymOS USB

AnonymOS is my original Linux-based Privoxy - I2P - Tor operating system installed on a USB thumb-drive.

  • Not a 'live' install -fully installed on a USB flash drive.
  • 16/32GB high-speed PNY brand USB.
  • Built on Debian Gnu Linux.
  • Openbox window manager for speed.
  • All traffic goes through Privoxy then either the Tor or I2P network.
  • All DNS requests go through Tor - no ISP tracking/spying.
  • Application short list:
    • Firefox - web browser
    • Mplayer - vid/audio player
    • AbiWord - word processor
    • Gnumeric - spreadsheet
    • Bitcoin client
    • Gimp - image manipulator
    • Audacity - audio editor
    • Dia - Diagram editor